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CA Foundation Maths, LR & Stats June 24

CA Foundation Maths, LR & Stats June 24

  1. Sufficient Questions in each chapter for practice. 
  2. Comprehensive question coverage. 
  3. Covers all past year questions, study mat questions, and questions from Faculty's own assignments.
  4. In-depth Conceptual study with an equivalent focus on the exam. 
  5. Instant doubt resolution on Whatsapp
  • Product Info


    CA Foundation Maths, LR & Stats FAST TRACK Batch New Scheme

    Focus Fully Exam Oriented Batch with 100% Concept
    Recording of Dec 2023 - Jan 2024
    Total Hours 60 Hours
    Total Lectures 30 Lectures, 2 hours each (Fresh Recordings, New Scheme)
    Views 1.5 Views (Students will be given 1.5 time duration for each lecture. Window can be opened and closed unlimited times)
    Applicable for June 2024/Dec 2024 Onwards (New Scheme)
    Coverage 100% coverage of ICAI Study Material, Previous Year Questions, RTP and MTP
    Books 2 Module 1 , Module 2
    Questions Coverage 400+ Practical Questions and 200+ Examples
    Language Teaching in Hindi & English and Class Notes in English
    Query Solution Prof Anurag Gupta Sir’s direct Whatsapp Number  9872867887
    Video Supporting Devices Window (8 and above) Laptop and Desktop, Android and IOS Mobile and Tabl
  • Cancellation & Refund Policy :

    1. Please note that the course once subscribed cannot be canceled.
    2. The amount paid will not be refunded.
    3. The course subscribed cannot be changed with another course.
    4. The Course is not transferable.
    5. For technical assistance call us (9988431199) or mail us (
  • Faculty

    Prof Anurag Gupta


    Mathematics is not a subject of kings, it is the king of subjects ….” With this as his motto, his motive is to make the subject more interesting and knowledgeable. With an experience of teaching about 100,000 students over the last 29 years and dealing with CA CPT and Foundation students for the past so many years, he understands that Maths is not CA students’ forte and a reason for their failure at the entry-level. Keeping in mind this problem he has strategically divided his syllabus and devised ways that will help the students to pass the biggest hurdle at the entry-level smoothly. With modules strictly based on the ICAI material, success for students is guaranteed. His practical approach towards maths makes it interesting and examples are easy to understand and retain. Students enjoy his sessions and find the subject scoring. His students have consistently scored high marks and have achieved ranks in CA CPT and Foundation. He is a part of the dream team with One Prep as well.

  • Technical Req

    For USB/Google Drive Mode :

    1. 4 GB RAM or more
    2. i3 processor or higher.
    3. Windows 7 or higher
    4. Internet Connectivity for first time activation

    For Mobile App Mode :

    1. Android Version 6.0 or higher
    2. 4 GB RAM or higher
    3. Internet Connectivity for running the lectures.
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